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As a great lover of cartoons, I take pride in giving my small contribution to preserving and valuing the original material that was used to produce some of the world's finest animation.

My work covers essentially two areas:

- Restoration of original production cels and hand painted

- Reproduction of backgrounds used in animated films.

While restoring a cel has the obvious purpose of restoring its original beauty as well as preventing further deterioration, painting an accurate reproduction of the background of the scene helps recreate the mood of the film.

Disney's Lady and the Tramp original cel

original production cel from "Lady and the Tramp" (1955) ęDisney

Disney's Lady and the Tramp hand painted background

hand painted reproduction of production background (by Piero)

Disney's Lady and the Tramp cel and background

combination of cel and background

all cartoons and illustrations on this website remain ęPiero Tonin or respective owners

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